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Patio Ponderings (1 of 3)

I uncovered a patio this month. Literally that is what I found --- a 33x24 foot patio . After years of dirt piling upon it, this gem of an outdoor room is now uncovered and in use in these perfect Georgia spring days and nights. Shaped like a swollen crescent moon, it was designed in a basket-weave pattern with space for a centerpiece (more than likely one of Laura Pope Foresterś Statues). When in season it is edged by petite bell flowers that remind me of lily-of-the-valley blooms.


All this was unknown to me when I purchased this property. Amazing. Something that I will love to use to relax with family and friends was always there; it just required faith, a vision for the unexpected, and intentional effort.

It required faith --- faith to dig; faith to scrape; faith to invest sweat equity. Faith to see what was not easily seen before.

Lord give me eyes to see the beauty under the dirt.

This is my prayer not just for my patio, but for my husband when he goes to his ¨nothing zone¨; for my sister when she overreacts and infects others; for my daughter when she insists on having the final word in every disciplinary moment; for the business worker when he has a reason why he cannot pull his weight. LORD, give me eyes to see the beauty under the dirt...and to lovingly and tenderly clean it off without destroying the beautiful pattern you have made.

LORD, give us each eyes to see the treasure that you have placed in each of us, even if buried under wheelbarrows of dirt.

To Be Continued..

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