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Patio Ponderings (2 of 3)

If you have been following my blogs you know that I began uncovering a 33 x 24 foot patio:

Going from winter to spring in this yard, I noticed a precise edging of delicate bulb flowers buds poking out in late February. Then these green shoots bore petite bell shaped flowers. Additionally an occasional brick would peek out within the border of the flowers from under the muck-esp after a rainstorm.

I wondered if.... I thought maybe… I checked it out.

Acting in faith, I pulled out the pressure washer and using 2700 and 2.4 gallons per minute blew so hard on the occasional exposed brick that chunks of naturally created sod would lift up 4-6 inches in the air. Underneath layers of weeds and inches of dirt was a lovingly and well thought out red brick patio!

All my other projects seemed inconsequential as the vision took shape. As I took a flat head shovel and scraped wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt, gradually a lovely outdoor room was uncovered. Out came the pressure washer again, and more wheelbarrows of loam rich Georgia topsoil would find its way into large flower pots, holes in my yard and areas where earlier only clay or sand could be seen. ( It was a win-win for all parts of my yard and plants.)

Doing this type of rote manual labor has its side effects. Stronger arms, farmers´ tan, sore back...and thinking. Lots of thinking about an obvious point with not so obvious indications for my life-and maybe for yours.

  • That patio did not get covered in dirt overnight.

  • That patio did not have seeds sprout on that dirt and grass anchor its roots in it overnight.

  • That patio did not have nails, broken glass and shards of pottery sprinkled on it in one overnight event.

It was not intentionally altered;

it was unintentionally neglected.


Unintentional neglect has created

more opportunities for loss

than intentional abuse.

Just like the patio was covered in dirt, weeds and trash due to neglect, so does my life when I unintentionally neglect vital areas.

  • Neglecting to purpose actively towards my financial future by expecting that things will work out if I just' have enough faith'.

  • Neglecting to care for my health, whether that be missing another session at the gym or getting that uncomfortable test done.

  • Neglecting to listen and encourage my husband, forgetting that we are a team to bear one another's burdens daily

  • Neglecting to attend to my responsibility and privilege to intentionally and actively disciple my children, not just keep them safe, clean and fed.

As I loaded up wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow (did I mention it was 28 loads) I was reminded that today I can neglect what matters and watch weeds and time ebb away at the beauty and true purpose of life, or I can purpose within my heart to intentionally build a life of beauty and rest.

Proverbs 14:1a The wise woman builds her house...

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